Malcolm McCallum, Ph.D.
e-mail: malcolm.mccallum(at)
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Work History
1978-85: Farm worker, baseball umpire in park league, baby sitter
1985-87: Waffle House cook, Dairy Queen cook, baseball umpire in park league
1987-88: Librarian, McDonalds kitchen, Subway shift supervisor,
1987-92: College student
1988-89: Dormitory cafeteria worker, Hospital cafeteria worker, Sales
1989-90: Chef's assistant, Undergraduate research assistant, fitness center supervisor, Bob Evans cook
1990-92: Janitor & cook at Union 76 Truck Stop, Night manager in residence hall, Desk clerk, Burger King cook
1993-94: Graduate research assistant, Wildlife consultant, Dairy Queen cash register attendant, graduate student
1994-96: Teacher (K-12)
1995: Urban wildlife biologist
1995-99: Adjunct college instructor
1997-99: Education specialist (Public Aquarium), Director of research and grants, Gas station attendent
1999-03: Graduate research/teaching assistant, PHD student
2003-08: Assistant professor of biology
2008-10: Associate professor of biology
2010-11: Education and research consultant
2012-present: Assistant teaching professor