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Dawning of Herpetological Conservation and Biology:  A Special Introduction to Your New Journal (VIEW GALLERY)
R.Bruce Bury, Malcolm L. McCallum, Stanley E. Trauth, and Raymond A. Saumure
Invited Forums
Ecological Succession on a Natural Area in Northeastern Kansas from 1948 to 2006 
Henry S. Fitch    
Dilemma of Name-Recognition: Why and When to Use New Combinations of Scientific Names 
Hobart M. Smith and David Chiszar   
Road Surveys for Turtles: Consideration of Possible Sampling Biases 
David A. Steen and Lora L. Smith     (VIEW GALLERY)
Research Articles
Evidence of a New Niche for a North American Salamander: Aneides vagrans Residing in Old-Growth Redwood Forest Canopy
James C. Spickler, Stephen C. Sillett, Sharyn B. Marks, and Hartwell H. Welsh, Jr
Sexual Differences in the Ecology and Habitat Selection of Western Toads (Bufo boreas) in Northeastern Oregon 
Evelyn L. Bull   Errata (Click Here)
Habitat Suitability for Reptiles in the Gorvan Sands Sanctuary, Armenia
Tigran L. Tadevosyan
Status and Geographic Expansion of the Mediterranean Gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus, in Louisiana: Implications for the Southeastern United States  
Walter E. Meshaka, Jr., Samuel D. Marshall, Jeff Boundy and Avery A. Williams
A Novel Facultative Mutualistic Relationship Between Bufonid Tadpoles and Flagellated Green Algae  
Renn Tumlison and Stanley E. Trauth  VIEW GALLERY
Natural History, Field Ecology, Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management:
Time to Connect the Dots

R. Bruce Bury
Publication Trends of Natural History and Field Studies in Herpetology
Malcolm L. McCallum and Jamie L. McCallum
Classics in HCB
A Personal Glimpse into Natural History and a Revisit of a Classic Paper by Fred Cagle
Stanley E. Trauth
  Complimentary PDF reprint of  "An Outline for the Study of a Reptile Life History"
(Originally published in Tulane Studies of Zoology and Botany)
Fred Cagle 

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