Volume 11, Monograph 6 (June 2016)

Iguanas: Biology, Systematics, and Conservation

John B. Iverson, Tandora D. Grant, Charles R. Knapp, and Stesha A. Pasachnik [Editors] 


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Allison C. Alberts

A Checklist of the Iguanas of the World (Iguanidae; Iguaninae).

Iguana Taxonomy Working Group (ITWG)
Larry J. Buckley, Kevin de Queiroz, Tandora D. Grant, Bradford D. Hollingsworth, John B. Iverson (Chair),
Stesha A. Pasachnik, and Catherine L. Stephen

Life Table and Stochastic Matrix Projection Analysis for a Population of Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana):
Implications for Conservation and Control.

Brian C. Bock, Vivian P. Páez, A. Stanley Rand, and Gordon M. Burghardt

Conservation and Management of Cyclura Iguanas in Puerto Rico.

Miguel A. García and Glenn P. Gerber

Monitoring the Density of the Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila nubila) from Protected Areas in
Southern Cuba.

Amnerys González, Vicente Berovides, Dorka Cobián, Leonardo Espinosa, Julio Milián, Gretel Abad,
Ernesto Palacio, Manuel Alonso-Tabet, Manuel López, and Yairen Alonso

Habitat Utilization of Roatán Spiny-Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura oedirhina) and its Implications for

Ashley B.C. Goode, Stesha A. Pasachnik, and Terry L. Maple

Conservation of the Endangered San Salvador Rock Iguanas (Cyclura rileyi rileyi): Population
Estimation, Invasive Species Control, Translocation, and Headstarting.

William K. Hayes, Samuel Cyril Jr., Tom Crutchfield, Joseph A. Wasilewski, Thomas A. Rothfus, and
Ronald L. Carter

Conservation of the Endangered Sandy Cay Rock Iguanas (Cyclura rileyi cristata): Invasive Species
Control, Population Response, Pirates, Poaching, and Translocation.

William K. Hayes, Ricardo A. Escobar, Shawn K. Fry, Edgar M. Fortune, Joseph A. Wasilewski, Donald M.
Tuttle, Kathryn S. West, John B. Iverson, Sandra D. Buckner, and Ronald L. Carter

Food Habits of Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas (Cyclura cychlura) in the Exuma Islands, with a
Dietary Review of Rock Iguanas (Genus Cyclura).

Kirsten N. Hines

Growth, Coloration, and Demography of an Introduced Population of the Acklins Rock Iguana (Cyclura
rileyi nuchalis
) in the Exuma Islands, the Bahamas.

John B. Iverson, Geoffrey R. Smith, Stesha A. Pasachnik, Kirsten N. Hines, and Lynne Pieper

Movements and Nesting of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) from Dominica, West Indies:
Implications for Conservation.

Charles R. Knapp, Lindon Prince, and Arlington James

Distribution and Natural History of the Campeche Spiny-Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura alfredschmidti).

Jorge E. Morales-Mávil, E. Ahmed Bello-Sánchez, and Carlos R. Corona-López

Biology and Conservation of the Gulf Spiny-Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura acanthura).

Jorge E. Morales-Mávil, Emilio A. Suárez-Domínguez, and Carlos R. Corona-López

Conservation Genetics of Roatán Spiny-Tailed Iguanas, Ctenosaura oedirhina.

Stesha A. Pasachnik and Stephen Hudman

Nesting Migrations and Reproductive Biology of the Mona Rhinoceros Iguana, Cyclura stejnegeri.

Néstor Pérez-Buitrago, Alberto M. Sabat, and W. Owen McMillan

Effects of Tourism on Body Size, Growth, Condition, and Demography in the Allen Cays Iguana,
Cyclura cychlura inornata, on Leaf Cay, the Bahamas.

Geoffrey R. Smith and John B. Iverson

The Biogeography of Threatened Insular Iguanas and Opportunities for Invasive Vertebrate Management.

Bernie Tershy, Kelly M. Newton, Dena R. Spatz, Kirsty J. Swinnerton, John B. Iverson, Robert N. Fisher, Peter
Harlow, Nick D. Holmes, and Donald A. Croll

The Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei): A Report on 25 Years of Conservation Effort.

Byron Wilson, Tandora D. Grant, Rick Van Veen, Rick Hudson, Dawn Fleuchaus, Orlando Robinson, and
Kimberly Stephenson

Genetic Tools for Assisting Sustainable Management and Conservation of the Spiny-Tailed Iguana,
Ctenosaura pectinata.

[Supplementary Materials]

Eugenia Zarza, Víctor H. Reynoso, and Brent C. Emerson

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